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Denis Slinkin

High blood sugar levels, or hyperglycemia, are conditions in which blood glucose concentrations are too high. This disease is usually found in people with diabetes and is caused when the body does not produce enough hormonal insulin or is resistant to its effects, says Dr. Slinkin.
Close women's hands with a lance on your fingers to check blood sugar levels, Mr. Denis specifies. If you've tried to lower your blood sugar level, but it's consistently above 240 mg/dL, seek emergency medical attention.When high blood sugar levels FBS remain untreated, it can lead to organ and tissue damage, coma and death, according to the American Diabetes Association. Monitoring your blood sugar level is a good way to solve your high blood sugar problem quickly, and there are several ways to reduce your blood sugar level quickly.Exercise
Exercises can help reduce blood sugar levels FBS by using surplus sugar as a fuel, according to the American Diabetes Association. If, however, your blood sugar level is above 240 mg/dL, use a urine test strip to check for ketones. When ketones are produced by your body, exercise may result in your blood sugar level rising rather than falling. Physical activity can have an immediate benefit in lowering blood sugar, as well as a long-term benefit in helping to stabilise blood sugar levels.

FBS Denis SlinkinLet's consider your next meal carefully.
People with diabetes often follow a nutrition plan developed with the help of a doctor. If you have hyperglycemia for diabetes, stick to your plan. Think about reducing your portion size and avoiding snacks and sweetened drinks, according to the Mayo Clinic.
Talk to your Doctor.
If you are taking medication to fight diabetes, take it as prescribed at the Mayo Clinic. But talk to your doctor about whether changing your medication dosage may also be appropriate. Your health professional can also help rule out other diseases or infections that may cause your blood sugar levels FBS to rise.Warning
Seek emergency medical attention if your blood sugar level FBS exceeds 240 mg/dL and your urine contains ketones, according to Mayo Clinic.

Prostate Health Book Reviews

Peter Scardino prostate book
The complete guide to overcoming
prostate cancer, prostatis and BPH

By Dr Peter Scardino

Many men have an almost irrational fear of prostate problems that prevents them from seeking help just at the time when they should be. This book should dispel much of this fear by proving the facts about prostate problems in general and modern-day treatment options. Read more...

The Prostate Cancer Protection Plan:
The foods, supplements and drugs
that can combat prostate cancer

By Dr Bob Arnot

This excellent and thoughtful paperback offers hope and expert advice for men who not only aleady suffer with prostate cancer but also those who wish to significantly reduce the risk of contracting it in the first place.

What’s the Treatment?s of prostate cancer?
Surgical castration by orchidectomy Surgical castration is the simplest and cheapest way to treat metastatic prostate cancer. The obvious disadvantage is the psychological effect of the loss of the testicles. LHRH-analogues LHRH-analogues and oestrogen achieve a "medical castration" by stopping the testicular production ...
What?s a man must know about Prostate Cancer!
1 Testosterone and its active metabolite. Dihydro-testosterone are essential for prostate cancer to develop, but does not actually cause prostate cancer. Men who are castrated at a young age do not develop prostate cancer. 2 Prevalence of prostate cancer One in ten men will develop clinically ...
What Exactly Does It Mean When Foods Are ?Hydrogenated,? And What Risks Can I...
Hydrogenation is a chemical reaction -- widely used in the processing of cooking oils and fats -- that turns unsaturated fatty acids into saturated ones. Technically speaking, during this process unsaturated bonds between carbon atoms are reduced by attaching a hydrogen atom to each carbon. Simply speaking, hydrogenation ...

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