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Prostate Cancer; Sun and Vitamin D

Cancer Centres in United States of America equated the lifetime sun exposure in men withadvanced prostate cancer and men without disease and they indicate that menwho had spent even more time in the sun they lives were with low chance of prostate cancer.

New studies in prostate cancer show that the men who spent even more timein the sun in their live usually can reduce prostate cancer in about fifty percent

About the above point shown that the prostate manipulates Vitamin D to promote the normal expansion of prostate cells and in result to slow the spreadof prostate cancer cells to others parts of the body.

Sun exposure stop prostate cancer and the new research indicate vitaminD in supplement can be a safer option today for men.

Last studies have shown that many places which long winter like Canadaand Northerly Us men don't adsorb Vitamin D and others sustenance.

In Canada men don't adsorb vitamin D in result 1 of the 7 can develop prostate cancer in their lives; US new researches imply that 1 of the 5 men can develop prostate cancer.

Researchers shown that vitamin D has many micronutrients promote and haltthe prostate cancer in men.

conclusion; a suitable dose of vitamin D and to take sun in a responsible mannercan considerably reduce the gamble of prostate cancer.

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