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Cancer Book -Recommendations and Reviews

Lean on Me - Cancer through a Carer's EyesBy Writer - Lorraine KemberL. Kember Publications, 2003130 ppISBN 0646499696

Roger Woodruff, Director of Palliative Care, Austin Health, Melbourne, Australia

This is 1 woman?south incredibly moving story of caring for her old man for 2 years while he battled mesothelioma.

The emotional insights she shares with her diary would be a outstanding comfort to anyone caring for someone with advanced cancer or even any more terminal sickness.

Her focus on his quality of life as she educates herself about the medical aspects of his care is quite remarkable, and would be inspirational to others in a similar situation and would empower them with realistic hope.

This little book should have a place on the shelf of any hospice or even palliative care service, to be loaned out to the ones who care for our patients and whose struggles and problems are typically hidden by those of the patient.

Strongly recommended.

Dr Andrew Dean, MB Ch.B. MRCP (UK).FRACP - Consultant Physician in Palliative Care, Perth

I truly believe that this book is truly unique. It combines a thorough, caring, insightful and intelligent description of a extremely individual journey. The way that Brian and Lorraine approach the sickness and its coarse of action really will bring hope for all who read this book. I've not read an additional book written by a lay host which so captures the essence of the battle against cancer, which as well displays such a thorough understanding of the disease and its complexities.

Lorraine?south refreshing discussions, thoughts and views really do provide a really good insight to the lawsuits and tribulations that accompany an sickness like this however as well emphasize the wonderful things that they experienced together and the benefits they got from their coarse of action. It's this writing that actually gives such hope to anybody who is potentially facing the equivalent journey. I really believe that this is a truly amazing book that everybody with cancer should read. Any families who have been touched by this disease will undoubtedly find in it inspiration and hope.

Stephen Carmody, Manager - Hospice Care Service

?Lean on Me? is indeed a compelling read and, I personally would further contend, an essential resource for all who act with patients who face life-limiting or even terminal sickness. It's simple for health professionals, no matter their level of expertise, to assume what patients or even their Carer?south can be experiencing. Lorraine?south exploration of her feelings, as she cares for her dying old man Brian, is a revelation. I truly believe this book is an extraordinary insight into the challenge that confronts ordinary people facing life-limiting disease, and would commend it as an excellent grounding resource for health professionals who operate alongside those facing terminal sickness.

Janet Craven. RN, Palliative Care Nurse - Silver Chain Hospice Care Service

It takes courage to truly travel on the road with a loved 1 facing a terminal sickness. Lorraine takes us with her on that journey through the entries in her diary, capturing so graphically, the roller-coaster of emotions experienced by many carers supporting their loved ones through this virtually all hard time.

To others on a similar journey (or who have already completed theirs), I personally?m sure this book will provide comfort from the practical counsel Lorraine offers from her have experiences, and relief to know that someone else shares their needs and feelings without guilt. Also, professional carers included in Palliative Care will gain useful insight into the depth of despair that carer?south experience, but are unable to articulate to others as Lorraine does so well to her diary and expresses in her poems.

Debra Mooney, PhD Faculty of Nursing and Science - Griffith UniversityQueensland, Australia

Thank you Lorraine for the opportunity to read your book. ?Lean on Me? Experience is undoubtedly a powerful medium and 1 that invites the reader to share in the journey involving loss, and the grief that followed. The book is well written, informative and simple to read. The photographs and poems keep the information in context. Our opinion is that this book will bring a valuable source of qualitative information and should be of assistance to those working in palliative care settings. I personally would recommend it as an optional text to students undertaking such studies as I personally feel it would supplement the theoretical information involved by such a speciality.

Lorraine Kember is andy skinner of ?Lean on Me? Cancer through a Carer?south Eyes. Lorraine?south book is written from her experience of caring for her dying old man in the hope of helping others. It includes insight and discussion on: Anticipatory Grief, Understanding and identifying anguish, Infliction Management and Symptom Control, Chemotherapy, Palliative Care, Quality of Life and dying at home. It also features excerpts and poems from her individual diary. Highly recommended per Cancer Council. ?Lean on Me? isn't available in bookstores - For detailed information, Doctor?south recommendations, Reviews, Book Excerpts and Ordering Facility - visit her website

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