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Attack of the Cancer Fighting Tomatoes
A variety of studies indicate that a diet rich in tomato based products (tomato paste, sauce, juice, soup and ketchup) can significantly reduce the risk of prostate, lung and colon cancer.
Cancer Book -Recommendations and Reviews
I believe that this book is truly unique. It combines a thorough, warm, insightful and intelligent description of a very personal journey. The way that Brian and Lorraine approach the illness and its treatment really provides hope for all who read this book. I have not read another book written by a lay person which so captures the essence of the battle against cancer, which also displays such a thorough understanding of the disease and its complexities.
Alternative Treatment for Cancer
Cancer is an excessive growth of unwanted cells in our body. These excess growth of cells consume a lot of glucose found in the blood and starve the organs that need glucose.
Battling Cancer with Whiskey
Some scientists believe that whiskey may be one of the keys to preventing the Big C. For a quite a number of years, liquor has been known not only to bring destructive intoxication and addiction upon its patrons, but also as deterrent to a healthy lifestyle. But as a potential weapon against cancer? Sounds controversial...
Prostate Cancer; Sun and Vitamin D
Cancer Centres in USA compared the lifetime sun exposure in men with advanced prostate cancer and men without disease and they suggest that men who had spent more time in the sun they lives were with low risk of prostate cancer.
Journey Through Illness (New Ways of Dealing With Cancer)
This article takes a new look at ways of dealing with illness. Usually we run from our pain and seek all kinds of comfort. But, if we stop running we can see that true comfort and even healing can come from stopping, looking within and learning to dialogue with our situation. Article offers exercises and a deeper look at illness and suffering.
Thirty Things You Can Do To Avoid Cancer
1. Make sure you have a pure source of foodstuffs. Obtain fresh, organic produce regularly by joining a vegetable box scheme 2. Eliminate plastic storage containers from your kitchen and do not buy o...
The Cancer Research Industry
Many volunteers world-wide commit themselves to raising funds for cancer research and cancer charities. Many hundreds of thousands more work in the industry as carers, or researching, prescribing, diagnosing and manufacturing drugs. Huge companies spend fortunes on cancer research. After so long and so many billions spent what exactly has cancer research revealed?
Medical Intuitive Looks at Cancer - Part 4: Intimacy and Immunity
The healing power of intimacy. How intimacy expands your immune system and helps heal your body of serious illness.
The World Health Organisation and Cancer - A Summary
A summary of what The World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) have discovered about cancer from scientific research


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