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Prostate Cancer Answers

Prostate cancer is the most frequently contracted non-skin cancer in the USA, where one in six males are at risk. And it's a similar situation in northern Europe. Yet whilst this disease affects the lives of so many men and their close ones, there is still a massive lack of understanding and knowledge about it amonst the public at large.

Prostate cancer is particularly complicated due to the variety of available treatments. However, learning more about the disease, understanding the treatment options, and discovering the diet and lifestyle changes that may improve the outlook all can help empower patients, enabling them to participate more actively in their own care and recovery, and in making informed choices about their treatment.

Fortunately, modern research has dramatically increased our understanding of this disease, and we are learning increasingly more about its possible causes and also developing new ways of detecting, diagnosing and treating it. Most importantly, we are also leaning more and more about how to prevent prostate cancer, with the result that prostate cancer related deaths are on the decline.

This website presents information about prostate cancer that anyone concerned about or diagnosed with prostate cancer should know. It also looks at prostate health in general and how to preserve it, with a particular emphasis on developing a healthy lifestyle and and looking at the many natural prostate care remedies.

Prostate Health Book Reviews

Peter Scardino prostate book
The complete guide to overcoming
prostate cancer, prostatis and BPH

By Dr Peter Scardino

Many men have an almost irrational fear of prostate problems that prevents them from seeking help just at the time when they should be. This book should dispel much of this fear by proving the facts about prostate problems in general and modern-day treatment options. Read more...

Prostate cancer protection plan
The Prostate Cancer Protection Plan:
The foods, supplements and drugs
that can combat prostate cancer

By Dr Bob Arnot

This excellent and thoughtful paperback offers hope and expert advice for men who not only aleady suffer with prostate cancer but also those who wish to significantly reduce the risk of contracting it in the first place.

What’s the Treatment?s of prostate cancer?
Surgical castration by orchidectomy Surgical castration is the simplest and cheapest way to treat metastatic prostate cancer. The obvious disadvantage is the psychological effect of the loss of the testicles. LHRH-analogues LHRH-analogues and oestrogen achieve a "medical castration" by stopping the testicular production ...
What?s a man must know about Prostate Cancer!
1 Testosterone and its active metabolite. Dihydro-testosterone are essential for prostate cancer to develop, but does not actually cause prostate cancer. Men who are castrated at a young age do not develop prostate cancer. 2 Prevalence of prostate cancer One in ten men will develop clinically ...
What Exactly Does It Mean When Foods Are ?Hydrogenated,? And What Risks Can I...
Hydrogenation is a chemical reaction -- widely used in the processing of cooking oils and fats -- that turns unsaturated fatty acids into saturated ones. Technically speaking, during this process unsaturated bonds between carbon atoms are reduced by attaching a hydrogen atom to each carbon. Simply speaking, hydrogenation ...

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